IBtrove MYP Design Unit Plan Builder


A premium one-year subscription tool to build your MYP Design unit planners using an interactive framework that will streamline the process and align with the best practices for an effective MYP planner.

This detailed-step by-step guide to creating an effective MYP unit plan includes:
• Interactive key concept explainers
• Related concepts descriptions
• Refresher of all the Learner Profile attributes
• Global Context descriptors
• Mapped assessment criteria descriptors
• Structure your unit plan by hours or weeks

We have mapped all the parts of the unit plan such as assessment criteria, ATL clusters, the Learner Profile and much more so you can apply them to your planning when and where they relate to your subject. By using simple interactive checkboxes, the Edtrove Interactive Unit Plan will save you hours of planning time.

When you are finished building your unit planner, download the finished planner as a Word document so you can make edits going forward. Every subscription also includes an example of one MYP Design unit plans from your fellow teachers.

This One-year subscription allows you to create as many MYP unit plans as you like! Every MYP teacher struggles with building their unit planners; now there’s an easy step-by-step tool to guide you through that process. Great for teachers, IB coordinators and district planners.

Finally, do you want an experienced IB educator to review the planner and confirm your planner is as IB as it can be? Book an hour or more session with an IBtrove MYP Guru where you will receive feedback and insights into improving your unit planner. IBtrove MYP Guru’s are not included in the cost of the subscription and are billed separately.

If your school or district needs to use a Purchase Order to purchase the Edtrove Interactive Unit Plan, please contact our marketing partner IB Source at 312-224-2536
This product has been developed independently from and is not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

CURRICULUM: Middle Years Programme

Completion rules
  • All units must be completed